7 Weekend Getaways From Bengaluru: Destinations For A Perfect Weekend Break To Have A Nice 2-3 Days Trip!

Know the 7 places to visit this weekend and the top 5 most dangerous treks to go on!

7 Weekend Getaways From Bengaluru: Destinations For A Perfect Weekend Break To Have A Nice 2-3 Days Trip!

The “Silicon Valley of India” is a vibrant city blending harmoniously tradition with modernity. Bangalore is a dynamic cultural city with lush greenery and an IT Hub is quite a unique charm in the country. Other than diverse languages, cultures and cuisine, Bangalore has an incredible nightlife too. From startups, commerce, technology and innovation to beautiful gardens, lakes and architecture, this city is as beautiful as it can be. Even with this beautiful city who doesn’t want a leisurely weekend out from the city’s life? Here is a list of 7 incredible weekend getaways from Bengaluru. 

7 Weekend Getaway Destinations From Bengaluru

Let’s get ready to have an amazing short 2-3 days trip at one of these weekend getaways from Bengaluru:

1. Hampi 

hampi weekend getaways from Bangalore

Hampi is a world heritage site as per UNESCO founded in the 14th century. This place was the capital of the Vijayanagar empire, one of the greatest Hindu kingdoms. Back in the 15th and 16th centuries, this place flourished with art, culture and trade. With enchanting temples, palaces, grand structures, and monuments depicting the era this weekend getaway destination is quite photogenic. Witness amazing sunset and sunrise here. 

Top attractions to visit: 

  1. Virupaksha Temple
  2. Hampi Bazaar 
  3. Elephant Stables
  4. Lotus Palace
  5. Vittala Temple   
Distance340 km
Best Mode of TransportationCar/Bus
Budget (Excl. Accommodation)Rs. 1500-3000 per person


2. Mysore 

weekend getaway from Bangalore Mysore

The city with its cultural beauty witnesses the grand procession and cultural celebrations especially the vibe is commendable for the Dusshera Festival and otherwise too, this place is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and royal artefacts. Mysore is also known as the “City of Palaces” with a rich history back from the reign of the Wodeyar dynasty. This place has the most panoramic view from the whole list with the fragrance of historical significance. 

Top attractions to visit: 

  1. Mysore Palace
  2. Brindavan Gardens
  3. Chamundi Hill
  4. Mysore Zoo
  5. Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery
Distance150 km
Best Mode of TransportationCar/Train
Budget (Excl. Accommodation)Rs. 1000-2000 per person


3. Chikmagalur 

weekend getaways from bangalore Chikmagalur 

The place is situated in the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is one of the great  Weekend Getaway destinations from Bengaluru. With verdant hills, enchanting coffee estates, breathtaking waterfalls and tranquil lakes this place offers an amazing opportunity to connect with nature and witness the best picturesque view.  Moreover, the rich history of Chikmagalur is no less. Ruled by various brave kings including Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara Empire dynasty, this destination is a must-visit place. 

Top attractions to visit: 

  1. Hebbe Falls
  2. Mullayangiri Peak
  3. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Kemmanagundi
  5. Baba Bundangiri
Distance240 km
Best Mode of TransportationCar/Bus
Budget (Excl. Accommodation)Rs. 2000-4000 per person


4. Ooty

places for short 2-3 days trip near Bengaluru

The summer retreat from British rule, situated in Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is an enchanting destination. With scenic landscapes, tea estates, dense forests, mist-covered mountains, colonial-era buildings and colourful gardens, Ooty offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore. This place truly is reminiscent of British heritage colouring the place in British architecture and lifestyle hues.    

Top attractions to visit: 

  1. Botanical Garden
  2. Ooty Lake
  3. Pykara Lake
  4. Doddabeta Peak
  5. Nilgiri Mountain Railway
Distance270 km
Best Mode of TransportationCar/Bus/Train
Budget (Excl. Accommodation)Rs. 2500-5000 per person


5. Coorg 

coorg weekend getaways near Bangalore

Also known as the Kodagu, the Coorg has a rich cultural heritage, lush greenery, enchanting hills, cascading waterfalls, aromatic coffee and spice estates, and a great biodiversity of flora and fauna. Ruled by the Haleri dynasty and the Britishers, Coorg was an independent princely state until it was merged with Karnataka. Offering a serene retreat, nature lust and incredible history, this weekend getaway destination is a fascinating option.     

Top attractions to visit: 

  1. Abbey Falls
  2. Dubare Elephant Camp
  3. Talakaveri
  4. Nagarhole National Park
  5. Namdroling Monastery
Distance250 km
Best Mode of TransportationCar/Bus
Budget (Excl. Accommodation)Rs. 2500-4000 per person


6. Wayanad

weekend getaways from bangalore Wayand

This enchanting place is situated in Kerala with a fascinating history witnessing incredible scenic beauty. This place is evidence of human habitation from the Neolithic age. Rules by various dynasties including Kadambas, Hoysalas and again Vijayanagara Empire, later on, this place was merged with Mysore and then Kerala. Wayanad offers unparalleled natural vistas, cultural experiences, and majestic mountains.    

Top attractions to visit: 

  1. Soochipara Falls
  2. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Chembra Peak
  4. Banasura Sagar Dam
  5. Edakkal Caves
Distance280 km
Best Mode of TransportationCar/Train/Bus
Budget (Excl. Accommodation)Rs. 2500-5000 per person


7. Shivanasamudra Falls 

weekend getaways near bengaluru Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls is one of the oldest hydroelectric power stations in Asia. It was established back in 1902 during British rule. This place was an important aspect of farming as it was the irrigation system of the region. With breathtaking beauty, this place has witnessed quite an amazing development without killing the enchanting hues therein. The rocky terrains, beautiful Kaveri River and lush greenery make it a heaven in monsoon. 

Top attractions to visit: 

  1. Barachukki Falls 
  2. Ganganachukki Falls
  3. Talakadu Temple
  4. Barachukki and Ganganachukki Viewpoints
  5. Somnathpur Temple
Distance130 km
Best Mode of TransportationCar/Train/Bus
Budget (Excl. Accommodation)Rs. 1500-3000 per person

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Weekend Getaway Trek Destination Near Bengaluru

weekend getaways from bangalore

For the adventure-loving people here are the top 5 daring treks to go on as a weekend getaway from Bengaluru. Let this weekend be full of scenic beauty but with a twist of adrenaline rush.   

1. Savandurga Trek 

Distance from Bengaluru – 60 km 

Trek – 2 km (one way)

Peaks – Black Hill and White Hill 

Height – 4220 feet

Savandurga Trek is the nearest and least dangerous from this least. Composed between the two hills, white (namely Biligudda) and Black (namely Karigudda), it offers quite a dark history. Biligudda, the white hill was the fort prison during the Hoysala Empire. Due to that, this place is also known as the Fort of the Death. As this place is steep enough to be a nightmare, it is also the largest monolithic in Asia.  

2. Skandagiri Night Trek

Distance from Bengaluru – 70 km 

Trek – 4 km (one way)

Peaks – Nandi Hills range 

Height – 4760 feet

In the weekend getaway trek destination, this is quite an enchanting peak witnessing a beautiful night sky and panoramic sunrise. This trek is short but quite challenging, especially when you cross the Papagni temple. Honestly, it’s all worth it once you reach there and relax near the bonfire and unforgettable view around. Take somebody to guide you as the phone connectivity there is flawed and also the place is a home to various wildlife species. 

3. Kumara Parvatha Trek

Distance from Bengaluru – 230 km 

Trek – 13 km via Kukke Subramanya (one way)

Peaks – Kumara Parvatha 

Height – 5617 feet

This is the sixth-highest peak in Karnataka. With rocky terrain and scenic beauty, this place is the longest one in the list of top 5-weekend getaway trek destinations.  Make sure to keep yourself hydrated on this trek as it gets hot during the sun. The view here is literally breathtaking as this trek will leave you in a ‘running out of your breath’ state only. 

4. Kudermukh Trek

Distance from Bengaluru – 332 km 

Trek – 9 km (one way)

Peaks – Western Ghats range of Karnataka 

Height – 6214 feet

Another nightmare is this Kudermukh Trek, filled with greenery and witnessing enough panoramic views. Though winds here can be a problem during the trek as mentioned this is the second most daring trek to trail on. Roads get slippery during the rains and feels like a roller coaster experience full of dun and misery too! 

5. Kodachari Trek 

Distance from Bengaluru – 394 km 

Trek – 8km via Hildumane Falls (one way)

Peaks – Western Ghats range of Karnataka 

Height – 4406 feet

The once-in-a-lifetime trek, the most dangerous, frightening and most enchanting, breathtaking trek, Kodachari Trek is worth it. This trek has a thick cover of the jungle and full of wild animals. It gets worse with rain as the steep slopes and heavy pouring are mesmerizing as well as threatening. Get ready to have the best adventure of your life!