Manali Travel Essentials: A Perfect Checklist For Manali Packing

Here’s your checklist of things to carry on the Manali trip! Include these 21 essential items to your Manali packing list and have a great touring experience at India’s popular hill station.

Manali Travel Essentials: Checklist for Manali trip

Manali is the most loved destination by tourists interested in leisure vacations on the hills and couples who want to spend quality time. But packing for such a trip can be tiresome. With a lot of things to consider, missing out on Manali travel essentials is quite common. And this might bring a sad phase in your trip when you realise you forgot something really important. So, here is a checklist for Manali trip that you must go through before you set off to explore the snow-capped mountains of one of the most popular hill stations in India.

Manali Travel Essentials Checklist

Apparels: What to wear in manali?

  1. Base Layer: Keep some trousers, t-shirts, tops, tees and stuff for your basic wear. Trendy yet easy to keep up with for the whole day if you are into exploring. But, in case you want to go for a leisure trip, keep the good outfits you enjoy in photographs. Try to keep more breathable ones if you are going for an exploring trip. 
  2. Outer Layer: This place is always cold enough for a couple of waterproof jackets to carry on your trip. Especially after June, keep more warm ones. 
  3. Thermals: Another must-have item when it comes to Manali travel essentials. Most people avoid keeping thermals as they are not used to wearing them. But Manali calls for more and more warm thermals!
  4. Warm Socks: In cold weather, the usual cotton socks suck. Even with the heaters on, places like Manali need a pair of warm socks to be worn. 
  5. Cap: Whether it’s summer or winter, a cap is a must. Only the type of cap will change but keeping one will always be a requirement. In summer, try keeping hats to protect your face from the harsh UV rays. 
  6. Shoes: A variety of footwear on a leisure trip is a need. But always keep a pair of hiking/trekking shoes in your backpack when it comes to hills. You don’t know when you might need it. 
  7. Gloves: If it’s winter and you don’t want your hands to freeze in the chilly cold weather. Keep a warm pair of gloves on this fun vacation.
  8. Flip Flops: The weather in Manali is cold and wearing shoes and trendy footwear all the time can be tedious. Use a good pair of flip-flops for leisure walks near your hotel/bnb. 

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Other Must-Keep Manali Travel Essentials

  1. Backpacks: For your exploring stuff, keep backpacks to carry essentials for the day like umbrellas, water bottles, outer layers you want to wear later on and more. Make sure to keep a durable one with good carrying capacity and also lightweight. 
  2. Water bottles: Packed water in the mountains is quite expensive and the regular water there tastes well enough for drinking. Also, you might need to carry water to the destination with no shops around, especially when you’re setting off for trekking. 
  3. Sunglasses: Keep a good pair of glasses not only for a great look in pictures but also for saving your eyes from harmful UV. 
  4. SPF: A moisturising SPF is equally important for the Manali trip as the high altitude there can make your skin dry and tanned. 
  5. Toiletries: Always keep travel-sized soaps, body washes, face washes, shampoos, conditioners, and other essential toiletries. It is always good to carry a proper bath kit.  
  6. Government IDs: Do not forget to carry IDs along with you when you go on these trips. 
  7. Cash: Most places are connected by online payments but cash in such areas is quite a must. 
  8. Power Bank: Always keep a portable battery with you on the trips as capturing pictures for the whole day is not only tiring for you but for your phone too. So, to look out for emergencies, keep power banks with you. 
  9. Laundry bags: To avoid getting all your stuff messy, keep a laundry bag. Most of us forget to keep this in essentials and then look for something to put the dirty clothes from trekking/hiking.  

Optional Things to Carry on Your Trip to the Manali Trip

  1. Raincoat/Umbrella: In the unpredictable weather of Manali, things to safeguard yourself from rain are as important as clothing. Especially if you don’t enjoy rain. For the one who loves rain, this is optional but don’t dare to enjoy rain in the winter season. 
  2. Camera: For a perfect showcase of your trip on social media handles or for keeping HD memories, bring a camera with you on the trip to Manali.
  3. Medicines: Always keep medicines while going to such high altitudes. Basic ones with other stuff like bandaids and all. 
  4. Wipes: Keeping dry and wet both kinds of wipes is quite essential. After a tiring day, you will need a wet wipe in this cold environment to clean up to get ready for dinner. 

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