My October Vacation in Kashmir – Travelogue By Kapeesh Adishankar

Here’s the travelogue written by Kapeesh Adishankar! Discover what the traveller felt about Kashmir.

My October Vacation in Kashmir - Travelogue By Kapeesh Adishankar

In October, the ‘Heaven on Earth’, Kashmir changes into a glorious canvas of autumn colours as golden hues envelop its awe-inspiring landscapes. With the gentle chill in the air whispering tales of forthcoming snowfall, a serene and enchanting atmosphere makes travelling more pleasing and soothing for travellers.

The Dal Lake’s shimmering waters reflect the vibrant Chinar trees and the mist-covered cliffs of Gulmarg offer breathtaking panoramic views. While exploring, every corner of Kashmir expresses tranquillity and beauty. The locals of Kashmir offer warm hospitality, which further enriches the travelling experience. They welcome you with open hearts and invite you to indulge in their rich culture and experience delicious cuisines.

My October Vacation in Kashmir Travelogue

While navigating through the narrow lanes of Srinagar’s old town, you can sense the echoes of history that resonate through ancient mosques and ornate gardens, making each moment of the journey back in time. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to savour a traditional Wazwan feast, a gastronomic delight that summarizes the essence of Kashmiri culinary art.

Whether it’s the meditative calmness of sitting by a crackling bonfire amidst the Pahalgam meadows or the adrenaline rush of trekking in the Pir Panjal range, Kashmir offers a symphony of experiences waiting to be explored in the October month. Here, you can find peace, soak in the beauty, and let Kashmir weave its magic on your soul and memories.

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