The Beautiful Hills of Kerala, Explored at Vagamon!

Read this Vagamon, Kerala travelogue written by S Shristi! The traveller explores the beauty of Vagamon Hills, located in Kerala and shares her overall travel experience.

kerala vagamon travelogue

Vagamon is a serene hill station located at an altitude of 1200m from the sea level in Kerala. The winding roads, tea plantations and green meadows make it a scenic ride for the traveller. We were a group of over 20 college students exploring Vagamon on a weekend getaway. By the time we reached Vagamon, the sun had risen before we could reach the hill station’s highest point. Nevertheless, we stopped at the tea garden and admired the sun rising amidst the valleys, giving us the perfect opportunity to take beautiful photographs. We could only check in at the resort at 2 pm. So we decided to have breakfast and freshen up at a small restaurant. We relished the appams and idiyappam with kadala curry and egg curry, the traditional dishes of Kerala, at an affordable cost.

kerala vagamon travelogue

Our next stop was the pine forest, which was quite an adventurous place. We trekked the hills and reached a new top, from where the view below was astounding. One could see the paragliders taking off from the opposite hill. Even though it was a hot afternoon, the trek was exhilarating. During the trek, we passed through a burnt section of the pine forest and during the subsequent travel, we could smoke different parts of the hills. On enquiring, we found that the forests were catching fire at an alarming rate due to excessive heat. This makes one realise the effects of human activities on Mother Nature.

After lunch, it was time to go to our resort and call it a day. Near the resort, there were trekking trails that led to nearby viewpoints. One could see the sunset and mist rising in the evening, bringing cool temperatures. It was a mesmerising hill view from the balcony of our resort. The sufficient space and swings made it perfect for one to relax after a day of travel.

On the second day, we decided to go off-roading to explore the lesser-known places of Vagamon. There are several Jeep trips available that offer different packages. Usually, the trip lasts from 3 to 6 hours. It was a unique experience as the jeep went through small muddy lanes between the forests, plantations and small tribal villages. Due to a thin forest cover, the local wildlife was limited to bison, monkeys and other smaller animals. The driver was very skilled, friendly and enthusiastic about giving us details about the places. We visited various viewpoints, which gave us a new perspective of Vagamon and the backwaters of the Idukki Dam. After this, we proceeded to the Vellaramchitta Tunnel and waterfalls. Walking inside the cave was exciting, and the cool water on the feet was pleasant in the heat. Unfortunately, there was not enough water in the waterfalls due to the lack of rain and the dry season. Over the months, the lakes and waterfalls had dried up, and there was a severe water shortage.

Next, we stopped at the tea estate, walked through them, and had a good time. The next place was the Justin point. We hoped to see the sunset here, but the mist had set in. Nevertheless, the place filled one with calmness and humility. Adjacent to it was a trekking area called Kurisu Malai, sacred to Christians.

In Vagamon, other hills are considered religious, like the Murugan Malai, which is devoted to the Hindu population, and the Thangal Para to the Muslims. It was an easy trek to Kurisu Malai, where we spent time admiring the hills, listening to music and frolicking around. It was dark when we descended the hill, so we could not visit the Suicide Point. If you come to Vagamon for a more extended stay, places like Illikalkallu, Maramala waterfalls, Tea Lake, Adventure Park, and the Glass Bridge are other significant attractions. Visiting the hill station during the monsoon season is advisable as nature has the most abundant water in the waterfalls, lakes, and lush green meadows.
Few of us wanted to soak the beauty of the hills for a little longer. We enjoyed a little snack of Maggi and lime soda, grazing at the nightlife of this small town after a wholesome day. It was challenging to find pure vegetarian restaurants. That night, we had a bonfire, connected, played games, and had a memorable night.

Kadathanadan Arts Centre

The next day, the final day, we set out of Vagamon and proceeded towards Thekkady. We watched Kalaripattu, the traditional martial arts show at the Kadathanadan Arts Centre. Following this, we explored the markets and streets of Thekkady. There were beautiful antique stores, cloth shops and several eateries. We bought souvenirs, homemade chocolates, spices and other famous items from the place.

The trip was rejuvenating, with several new bonds forged and numerous memories created, making our college life worth cherishing.

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