Kerala: The Perfect Tropical Haven For A Romantic Honeymoon!

Explore the romantic honeymoon destinations in Kerala, here are some finds to make the most of your trip along with a list of activities you can do!

Kerala Romantic Honeymoon

At the southern edge of India, this state has been a charm. Full of lush greenery and natural wonders, this tropical haven is known as “God’s own country”. In Kerala, it’s not only a beautiful place to spend some time but also a divine hub full of adventures and breathtaking vistas all around. Kerala is like putting your imagination into reality. If you are wondering why Kerala is your destination, run yourself through the places to visit here and the incredible things you can do in this state.  Let’s explore the list for your romantic honeymoon destinations in Kerala. 

Top 11 places to visit in Kerala on your honeymoon

1. Alleppey


The most enchanting place in Kerala. Amidst the water, there is a traditional houseboat with luxury vibes. Spend a leisurely night there cruising through the soothing water around. Enjoy the hundred and fifty years old beach and relax in the sand. Additionally, you can enjoy the panoramic views walking around on the Marari beach.  

2. Athirappilly

Kerala: The Perfect Tropical Haven For A Romantic Honeymoon

This is the largest cascading waterfall in Kerala. Enjoy the romantic honeymoon there amidst the spectacular view and witness the soothing sound and relaxing water-dripping view there. From there you can also have a short scenic drive to the Vazhachal Falls. Later, explore the Sholayar forest for its incredible lush and green surroundings.   

3. Bekal


Right from Bekal you can witness the most breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea where crystal clear water reflects every ray of sun falling upon it. Don’t miss out on a lovely and peaceful evening walk while you admire the sunset in that colourful sky. Take a short trip to the nearby beach known as the Kappil beach. It is not the most famous among tourists. Hence, it is a less crowded and more beautiful place to be.

4. Kovalam

Kerala: The Perfect Tropical Haven For A Romantic Honeymoon

This place in Kerala is famous for its vibrant nightlife and an iconic lighthouse makes it much more enchanting than a fun beach. Witness the lively atmosphere here and be a part of this happy vibe. Near Hawa Beach, also known as Eve’s Beach, you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear turquoise water. Let the water calm you down and relax your soul. In addition, you can sunbathe here in a serene environment. Another peaceful retreat nearby is Samudra Beach.  

5. Kumarakom

Kerala: The Perfect Tropical Haven For A Romantic Honeymoon

Take a trip to the backwater cruise and witness the most enchanting lifetime experience here. With panoramic views and a soothing atmosphere, Kumarakom is a perfect romantic destination to be at. Another fun thing to do here is to admire birds by visiting the bird sanctuary. Witness a lot of species including the international ones. This place also has a Vembanad Lake which is the largest one in Kerala. 

6. Munnar


The most incredible place in Kerala is Munnar. It is a perfect romantic escape making it the most interesting honeymoon destination in Kerala. From tea gardens to the Mattupetty dam and lake, this place has been the hub of breathtaking views. It also has the Eravikulam National Park which is the home to the Nilgiri Tahr, one of the endangered species. Trek through the astonishing divine views and enjoy the picturesque Anamudi Peak.

7. Marari

Maraei kerala

Marari is the cleanest sandy beach with crystal-clear water. This place is an incredible choice to stay in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the vibe there. This place has many Ayurvedic spa treatments and is a total relaxing haven. You can enjoy mouthwatering seafood here after a great lazy and cosy day. 

8. Poovar

Kerala: The Perfect Tropical Haven For A Romantic Honeymoon

Poovar is the pristine beach of Kerala with golden sand and happening views. Enjoy a luxurious stay in floating cottages and admire the natural beauty. This is where the Neyyar River and the Arabian Sea merge, the perfect example of romance. You can also enjoy a boat ride in the Neyyar River if you opt for land cottages. 

9. Thekkady


The hub of aromatic spices, Thekkady is a perfect destination to have fun. In addition, spot elephants, bison and a variety of birds here in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The best part about this place is the Bamboo rafting. Dive into the adventure and bond together with every kind of activity here.

10. Varkala

Kerala: The Perfect Tropical Haven For A Romantic Honeymoon

It is a natural spring known for its medicated properties, amidst the serene surroundings with panoramic views enjoy a joyful bath here. This place also has an ancient divine temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. Witness the most iconic view of the sea here. Moreover, there is a cliff offering an enchanting view with delicious seafood.   

11. Wayanad

Kerala: The Perfect Tropical Haven For A Romantic Honeymoon

Wayanad not only feels romantic but this place with a heart-shaped lake seems as romantic too. Trek to this lake which is the most romantic and popular place among the couples on the peak of the Chembra. Enjoy boating in the Banasura Sagar Dam and explore the Edakkal Caves from the Neolithic era. 

8 Romantic things to do in Kerala  


After these amazing honeymoon destinations to visit, let us just dive into the list of romantic things you can do in Kerala. 

1. Houseboat

Go on the beautiful ride and witness the real vibe of staying and sleeping in gorgeous yet luxurious houseboats in the backwaters of Alleppey. Have a candlelight dinner under the stars and enjoy the sound of the water throughout.  

2. Echo point

The most romantic thing to do in Kerala is visit the Echo Point with its enchanting view of tea gardens and hear the echo back. It is quite phenomenal and fun.

3. Trek

As we already have gone through this, trek to the most beautiful heart-shaped lake for cosy and romantic quality time. 

4. Ayurvedic Spa

Book a couple’s spa session in a prestigious resort and relax together while healing. This one is not only a romantic thing to do but also a rejuvenating experience out there. 

5. Explore folk dance

Attend a traditional Kathakali performance and enjoy the local culture there.

6. Bamboo Rafting 

Take a bamboo rafting ride in the serene water through Periyar Lake. Enjoy going through adventurous dense forests and exploring wildlife.  

7. Beachside Dining

Book a private romantic beachside dining with fresh seafood and local delicacies while those soothing waves run over your feet. Enjoy a panoramic view and the darkness of the sea around you. 

8. Sunset on Cruise

Enjoy your dream sunset on a cruise and spend all the time you can chasing the colourful vibrant sky. Have a cosy and breathtaking ride in the matter witnessing the beautiful sun rays dancing over the water.