Meghalaya Honeymoon Trip: Find The Love In The Air With This Enchanting City!

Know all about this enchanting northeast destination in India. Explore these places and taste exquisite food while on your Meghalaya honeymoon trip!

Meghalaya Honeymoon Trip

The place where clouds kiss the hills making every moment just as breathtaking as it could be. Meghalaya is an iconic destination for your honeymoon. With all you can seek the cascading waterfalls, serene environment, beautiful lakes and gorgeous high mountains, this place is a haven for your honeymoon trip. Picturise it, the Meghalaya Honeymoon trip, just as you are in heaven’s lap in the most picturesque places.    

Top 11 romantic places to visit on your Meghalaya Honeymoon Trip

Meghalaya Honeymoon Trip: Explore The Romantic Retreat

Here are the top 11 places to explore:

1. Umiam Lake

The perfect destination for the Meghalaya honeymoon trip is Umiam Lake. With the untouched natural beauty, serenity and enchanting vistas out there. The crystal clear water reflects a beautiful sunset creating a breathtaking view.  Get a tranquil and stunning environment while you take a leisure walk, enjoy an intimate picnic and take a boat ride.    

2. Shillong

Next on the list of Meghalaya honeymoon trip must-visit places is this picturesque hill station is a natural beauty with a romantic ambience. Shillong has cascading hills offering breathtaking landscapes with visuals of waterfalls and other serene spots. Also, Shillong has a vibrant market, adventure and trekking trails. 

3. Cherrapunji

Cherranpunji is an interesting Meghalaya honeymoon destination with extraordinary rainfall offering an enchanting view and vibe. Additionally, it offers cultural richness, adventurous treks, traditional festivals and misty valleys with local heritage. 

4. Dawki

Dawki has the most enchanting Umngot river offering a perfect boat ride with lush green surroundings. This place is full of wonders and provides an excellent romantic atmosphere where there is a love-in-air vibe comes true. Moreover, make this place a must-go destination on your honeymoon trip in Meghalaya for perfect quality time.  

5. Mawlynnong Village 

Another exciting place on the checklist while on your Meghalaya honeymoon trip is Mawlynnong Village. The picturesque Mawlynnong is famous for its cleanliness and colourful Khasi houses blooming with flowers nearby. Also, living root bridges are another natural beauty completely hanging amid greenwoods.

6. Laitlum Canyons

Laitlum Canyons are situated at an elevated level atop hills, and hence provide splendid views of Meghalaya’s terrain. Additionally, this will be a delight for those who are interested in the untouched beauty of nature, trekkers, adventurers and anyone who likes to travel off the track and experience loneliness.

7. Nongriat Village

Somewhere in Meghalaya, there is a hub of beauty and serenity. The next destination, Nongriat Village offers a slice of tranquillity and the famous Double Decker Living root bridge. Further, go on an exhilarating journey through forests to discover shallow natural pools beneath waterfalls.

8. Elephant Falls

With the most calming effects, Elephant Falls draws visitors with the organisational layout of their cascade tiers and the greenery that surrounds them, inviting you to relax and enjoy the calm of nature.

9. Smit Village

Visit Smit Village and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Meghalaya with its many monoliths that recount history. Moreover, it enhances the unique appeal of the village, knowing that its inhabitants will remain generous and welcoming.

10. Krang Sui Waterfall

The Krang Sui Waterfalls are located deep in Meghalaya. Also, this is a wonderful place to spend time in calm and cool water to recover from a long and thrilling tour.

11. Balpakram National Park

Moreover, another place to visit while on your honeymoon in Meghalaya is Balpakram National Park for a taste of Meghalaya’s wildlife and scenic boondocks, look into unspoilt nature at its finest.

9 things to do in Meghalaya as a couple

Meghalaya Honeymoon Trip: Explore The Romantic Retreat

After a go-through of the best places to visit on your Meghalaya Honeymoon trip, let us dive straight into the things one can do as a couple there. These 9 activities in the northeast part of India will be a non-forgettable experience for you. Also, build the memories your heart will always want to hold on to with these activities:

  1. Cultural Experience:

    To promote cultural tourism and bond together, there are ways to be involved in the lifestyle of Meghalaya people by going to festivals, artisan studios or watching dances or music. Additionally, it gives people a chance to socialise with one another and also to know the traditions of the others.

  2. Culinary Delights:

    Enjoy Meghalaya and taste the meals that the region has to offer through the markets, farm-to-table, and area delicacies. Also, it might extend to enrolling on a cooking class whereby you can learn how to prepare traditional meals such as the Jadoh or the Doh Neiiong. Detailed discussion later in this blog post. 

  3. Nature Walks and Hiking:

    For those interested in exploring the natural beauty of Meghalaya without straining too much, there are several easy trails that are set up as leisurely strolls or easy hikes. Take a walk in the Dendrology plot, walk along the clear streams or hike to a secluded waterfall. This can be good to find ways to spend some quality time out in nature and be companions to each other.

  4. Photography:

    Get a glimpse of the stunning vistas of Meghalaya abound, be sure to photograph them. Further, capture beautiful villages, amazing spots, and estates or monuments with historical, political, or religious importance where his or her presence will produce memorable shots.

  5. Adventure Sports:

    Experience bungee jumping, skydiving or skiing at one of the nearby centres. For adventure enthusiasts, this is a perfect opportunity to explore. 

  6. Spa and Wellness Retreats:

    Enjoy a wellness spa resort together to unwind in the serene environs of Meghalaya. Moreover, take your time to relax with your partner through massages, yoga, or any of the available wellness therapies.

  7. Stargazing:

    Taking your beloved for a candlelight dinner under the stars of Meghalaya can be a really lovely experience. Also, choose a moonlit night when you are not restricted by artificial City lights, to stargaze and spend time in silence together.

  8. Traditional Crafts Workshops:

    Take part in crafting activities to get a feel of traditional techniques, this could include weaving, pottery, or bamboo crafts. Moreover, participate together in practical exercises related to the copious influences of the area as demonstrated by the native craftsmen to make local souvenirs from your experience.

  9. Boat Rides and Picnics:
    Take a quiet boat ride with some of the beautiful lakes or the River of Meghalaya. Additionally, while on your Meghalaya honeymoon trip, enjoy a picnic. Take a basket made from a local site and prepare some local foods to take to a beautiful spot that will remind them about the beauties of nature as well as the beauty of togetherness.

Food to Taste on Meghalaya Honeymoon Trip

Meghalaya Honeymoon Trip

What about a meal plan on a honeymoon in Meghalaya? You can enjoy the local foods while you savour the beautiful scenery. Here are some must-try dishes that will make your trip even more memorable:

1. Jadoh: This one is another of our favourite pork recipes. Prepared using fragrant pork rice, cooked and served in red rice, with a satisfying warmth that’s just right for cold weather.

2. Doh Khlieh: It is a minced meat salad prepared with fresh herbs and spices enhancing the natural flavour of your food through your taste buds for starters.

3. Pumaloi: These rice cakes, which are steamed in turmeric leaves and offered with spicy stews, celebrate the authentic, hillside flavours of Meghalaya.

4. Doh Neiiong: This mouthwatering grilled pork dish with black sesame seeds mixed to serve seasoning sauce that brings the taste of richness into the rich environment is a must on your Meghalaya honeymoon trip.

5. Pork Tungrymbai: This is a particular type of curry dish pulled from fermented soybeans and pork, with a piquant taste ideal for spicing up any dish.

6. Pukhlein: Also, Pukhlein, rice and jaggery cakes will climax your meal and make you desire more of that Manipuri flavour.

Moreover, feel the Meghalaya as a part of your journey. A happy place to weave memories and bond deeper. Go out for a perfect honeymoon while the flavour of Meghalaya lasts with you forever.