Himachal Beyond Shimla and Manali: Explore The Heaven With These 9 Incredible Places

Explore Himachal beyond Shimla and Manali and find the most interesting places to visit in the state. 

Himachal beyond shimla and manali

Shimla and Manali are the most beautiful destinations in Himachal. These incredible spots are the tourist hubs. With interesting weather, breathtaking vistas and various adventures, Shimla and Manali are the hotspot areas in Himachal Pradesh. Most of us find these two destinations a perfect mountain escape. Additionally, these two hill stations have great cities nearby to explore and find serenity. Other than mouthwatering food, adventures and scenic views, these two places offer great insight into the traditions of Himachal. In this blog post, explore these 13 places in Himachal beyond Shimla and Manali. 

9 hidden places in Himachal beyond Shimla and Manali

Add a few more exciting places to your bucket list to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Explore these untouched beauties with better scenic views and fewer crowds in comparison to Shimla and Manali. 

1. Jibhi

The Honeymoon Paradise, Celebrate The Magical Charm!

Best time to visit: March-June and October-February 

This is a place near Manali sharing almost the same altitude. Jibhi nowadays is getting extreme attention beyond Shimla and Manali. It is a best-kept secret of the Himalayas where the clouds bow down to meet the hills. It is a masterpiece with enchanting snowfall. This old Himalayan village has a different vibe with way better cultural reflection. 

Things to do in Jibhi:

  1. Jalori Pass
  2. Chehni Fort
  3. Sirlosar Lake
  4. Jibhi Waterfalls
  5. Great Himalayan National Park    

How to reach?

There is no direct train to Jibhi. The nearest major towns are Kullu, Shimla, Manali, and Bhuntar. Get a cab from any of these destinations. 

2. Sissu

Himachal beyond shimla and manali

Best time to Visit: April-July and November-February

This dream place is a heaven on earth. Just 40 km away from Manali, Sissu impresses you with a breathtaking view. With a 3120-meter altitude, this paradise is situated on the bank of the Chandra River. In addition, the drive from Sissu to Manali has an enchanting view. With snow-capped mountains, dense forests and utter beauty all around, Sissu is a home for mountain lovers. On your way, you will get through the majestic Atal tunnel. It is an engineering magic being the highest highway. Moreover, rejuvenate at places like Sissu Falls and feel the joy. With stunning beauty all around, trees in Sissu have another vibe. Dipping Sissu’s streets in pale golden hues these tall trees create a surreal atmosphere. 

3. Mashobra


Best time to Visit: April-June and October-March 

Another quaint hill station near Shimla is this unique destination. With ample trekking trails, this is the best scenic hill. Especially from Shali Tibba, the 9,423-foot hill you can get a panoramic view for as far as you can see. Other famous places here are St Crispin Church and Carignano National Park. Moreover, this place is full of dense forests, apple orchards and a hub of jams and pickles. This destination is an alternative to Kasauli with colonial architecture all around. Enjoy activities like river rafting, bird watching and paragliding here.   

4. Bir

Himachal beyond shimla and manali

Best time to Visit: March-June and September-November 

“The ultimate heaven!”

Bir is a place your heart would never want to leave. A town in the Himalayas that reflects peace and serenity, and brings you solace. With the most exciting charm and breathtaking vistas, Bir is a must-visit destination. This least crowded town has an atmosphere thrilling for your heart. Mesmerised by this destination’s beauty, you can watch the heaven down on the earth. Especially, if paragliding is on your bucket list, this is the best destination to fulfil your dream. In addition, this village is home to the Tibetan colony. Other things to enjoy here are camping, trekking, mountain biking and hang-gliding. Explore the Tibetan culture with a never-forgotten experience.    

5. Landour


Best time to Visit: April-June and October-February

Around 35 km from Dehradun, this place is known as Landour. Its untouched beauty has excellent scenic luxury all over. Providing picturesque views, this unexplored place is enchanting and narrates a story of the hidden beauty of the Himalayas. Landour presents you with a fairytale venue. In addition, this place is quiet and peaceful giving you a glimpse of serenity and solace. A paradise somewhere lost in the Himalayas!   

6. Dharamshala

Himachal beyond shimla and manali

Best time to Visit: February-July

A city that is breathtaking. Dharamshala is a must-visit place in India. If you want to witness the heaven on earth this is the place. Reflecting the most enchanting escape from the world, Dharamshala is full of surreal atmosphere. From charming to modern, this is the true essence of the Himalayas. Still not fully explored, this hill is going to be a never-forgettable experience for you.  

Places to explore in Dharamshala:

  1. Dalai Lama temple complex
  2. Triund Hills
  3. Gyuto Monastery
  4. Tsechokling Gompa

7. Andretta

Himachal beyond shimla and manali

Image Source: Wah Tea Estate

Best time to Visit: March-June and September-November

Another exciting place to explore in Himachal beyond Shimla and Manali is the Andretta. This destination near Palampur is an offbeat place. This place is also famous for its traditional handicrafts and pottery. Other than these, there are famous places like the Terracotta Museum, Sobha Singh Art Gallery, Bundlamata Temple, Neugal Khad and Thampsar Trek. This artist’s colony is tiny yet heart-throbbing. 

8. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley Himachal Pradesh places to visit

Best time to Visit: March-June and November-December

This place is a hidden gem, the valley that impresses you. Engaging your heart in this peaceful place has many less crowded places to visit. Explore Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a short trek and an exciting spot for birdwatching and wildlife spotting. The next place in this valley is the soothing rush of water known as the Tirthan River. Spending time here is a rejuvenating experience. Don’t miss a drive to Sharchi village the hub of spectacular views. 

9. Spiti

Himachal beyond shimla and manali

Best time to Visit: March-June and October-February

The valley where smiles and surprises never leave you. This is the highest village in India. From snow-capped mountains to blooming spring flowers, Spiti is where you will forget how enchanting Manali could be. It is a mountainous cold desert with amazing places to visit. 

Must visit places in Spiti:

  1. Chandratal Lake
  2. Kunzum pass
  3. Sarchu
  4. Suraj Tal
  5. Baralacha La