Top 10 Camping Destinations to Visit in India in 2024: Find The Serenity in These Never Forgettable Experience!

Know all about these top 10 Camping Destinations: What these places offer and explore the breathtaking views while you indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

camping destinations to visit in india

With the summer haze going down and the monsoon knocking on our doors, the stargazing days are approaching. At this time of year, camping is going to be a buzz activity. Sitting out there the whole night, watching the starlit night sky and vibing out in nature, seems magical. Camping is an activity where you will get the longest adrenaline rush. Wake up in the breathtaking moments when the dawn presents itself in extremely enchanting attire. In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel in India. 

Camping is not all about bonfires, music and dancing. It is more about finding solace in the surreal atmosphere and discovering yourself in a serene location. Gaze those stars, listen to the story they narrate and find yourself lost in the lap of nature. From trekking to the camping location, enjoying the sunset and living the night to the best to waking up in the magnificent sunrays, camping is a retreat. Not only for your body but as food for your soul, travelling is a boost you deserve. 

Here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel 

These top 10 attractive camping destinations are the dream of wanderlust enthusiasts. Experience the magical nature unfolding itself and immerse in the beauty you will cherish for the rest of your life. Go for this unforgettable, once-in-the-lifetime experience. Here are the 10 best camping destinations for you to explore in India as soon as possible:

1. Rishikesh

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Visit Places

The hotspot place for the summer and monsoon is Rishikesh. The holy, mystical and adventure land is the hub of tourism. From devotees to the tourists, this is a destination everybody adores. Rishikesh has travellers from across the globe. The Yoga capital of the World, Rishikesh is a famous destination for solo travel or to go on a vacation with family or friends. You can camp by the holy Ganga for a view and vibe unforgettable. Enjoy activities like river rafting, bungee jumping and yoga & meditation sessions. Listen to the river talking while you rest at the shore.  

2. Jim Corbett National Park

In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel to. 

Camping at the edge of the river where the flowing water hits the rocks could be a great experience in Jim Corbett National Park. Dine in under the enchanting sky near the bonfire and witness the serenity and joy. Watch the peaks merging in the sky and at dawn when sun rays kiss the forest offering the most rejuvenating view. Additionally, explore the opportunity to discover wildlife, go on safaris to see the big cat family members, enjoy bird watching and witness the rich biodiversity.  

3. Mukteshwar

In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel to. 

Uttarakhand is the hub of enchanting vistas. Witness the breathtaking peaks standing high running through the clouds to deep delightful valleys. Get a taste of every shade of blue, and wander through the hills away from the city’s hustle. Trek the peak and enjoy other adventure activities like paragliding, zip lining and rock climbing. This camping destination has serenity, solace and re-energizing effects. These unrealistic picturesque views offer peace to your eyes.  

4. Auli

In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel to. 

Situated near Badrinath, this is a heaven where your heart will pound harder. This place has an enchanting vibe with a beautiful lake surrounded by huge majestic peaks and snow layered all over it. This place is either an abode full of green lush or a snow-capped offering a serene white view to your eyes. Camping at Auli is a must-do activity. Enjoy the peaceful environment with panoramic views of the summer months. This skiing paradise offers pristine green vistas soothing to your body and mind. 

5. Binsar

In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel to. 

Situated in the Kumaon region this camping destination has the unforgettable experience waiting for you. With breathtaking vistas and a leisurely ambience, this place offers insight into the wildlife and stunning views of the Himalayas. Binsar is an amazing birdwatching spot. With an enchanting colour palette offering a mix of various shades and providing chilly vibes all around.    

6. Ranikhet


The land of Queen, Ranikhet offers a mesmerising view. Situated in Uttarakhand, this is a gem in northern India. This camping destination carries a historic significance offering a captivating view of the Himalayas. Walk through the trails and admire what the location has on display. While you camp here feel the charm dipped in a natural colour palette and divine beauty. Breathe in the crisp mountain air and rejuvenate.  

7. Pangot


The favourite camping destination is a haven for the bird-watching enthusiasts and nature explorers. Wake up with the birds chirping sound pleasing your ears. Trail through the lush greenery and witness the ambience this nature’s hub offers. Mountains like these are the moments you weave for the rest of your life. Re-energize yourself with the simplicity, and the vibe of this place feeding your soul. 

8. Lansdowne  

In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel to. 

A quiet escape from the city. This Garhwal region is a serene hill inviting you to connect with nature. Camp amidst the Oak and Pine forests and let the sun’s rays wake you up. With a calm and relaxing retreat, this paradise creates a scenic beauty. Visit historic churches, give your body a hard time while trekking and your mind reset with rejuvenating aura.  

9. Bhimtal

In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel to. 

Another hidden gem offering a tranquil camping experience is a perfect destination. This camping destination offers a serene lakeside experience. Enjoy the soothing water sounds and enjoy activities like hiking, boating, bird watching and trekking. A perfect retreat for nature lovers. Sleep under the most beautiful starlit sky. 

10. Munsiyari 

In this blog post, here are the top 10 camping destinations to travel to. 

This is a serene village located at the base of Panchachuli Peaks. Munsiyari is a paradise for campers and trekking enthusiasts. Camp by the Goriganga River, trek near the glaciers and experience the heaven on the earth. Experience the raw beauty of the Himalayas and enjoy the serene and unspoiled landscapes with this unforgettable camping experience.