My Experience of Solo Ride Across India

Read the travelogue written by motorcycle rider Shekhar wherein he shares his solo bike-riding experience across India.

travelogue on solo bike ride across India by Shekhar

This Is Shekhar from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I’m writing this from my home, after riding across India, solo on my bike.

I left my home on 2nd December 2021 and started riding solo on the bike. I spent around 13 months going through different weather conditions by exploring different places, doing various activities, and meeting people from other traditions, cultures, languages, and backgrounds in India. I have been volunteering and participating in work exchange opportunities across India. Most importantly, these opportunities gave me memorable experiences that I could cherish forever.

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I used to work as a teacher, manager, kitchen helper, farmer, photographer, and whatever was needed for the situation. In this way of traveling, I could be able to observe my pattern of thoughts and emotions. I could sense that self-concern dropped significantly and there were no self-centered thoughts. Also, I was not bothered about what would happen to me? What would I get? All such things had no scope to pop out, so I was doing this with ease and grace. As this was my willingness to come out of home and experience something new, I never ran out of joy and curiosity.

To put it simply, I had been through space and time during my all-India rides.

Looking forward to interactions and conversations.

Thank You.

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