Here’s Your Goa Packing Checklist – Goa Essentials Guide in 2023!

Wondering what all To pack for your Goa tour in 2023? Here’s an ultimate checklist for your Goa trip.

Clothes to wear in Goa

Known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, Goa is one of the most popular beach destinations in India. It has got plenty of scenic beaches, adventure sports, amazing nightlife, waterfalls, culture and a lot more to make you go crazy! Throughout the year, Goa is filled with tourists from all across the globe and offers an absolute adventure and serenity to the visitors.

If you too are planning for a trip to Goa and have your own distinct plan to explore this beautiful beach destination in India, there are certain essentials that you must carry while travelling to Goa to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable.

So if you’re all set to explore Goa’s beaches, clubs, markets, heritage sites, seafood and various other adventurous treats, we have made a list of all the necessary things that you must keep in your backpack. We are sure that adding these Goa packing essentials will help you double the joy of your holiday.     

1. Hand Sanitizer & Wet Wipes

travel hand sanitizer wet wipes

For all your trips, hand sanitiser and wet wipes are quite necessary. These products will keep you away from germs and help you stay hygienic throughout your journey. It is recommended to wear face masks and clean your hands at regular intervals, especially when you’ve to travel in a populated area.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen for goa trip

When in Goa, you would definitely want to enjoy your day out at the beaches. But being exposed to the sun all throughout the day might torture your skin. It is highly recommended that you always apply sunscreen lotion before you go out to enjoy the beaches in Goa. For the Goa trip, you can consider buying sunscreen lotion whose SPF level is 40 and above. Many visitors travelling to Goa also use sunscreen that has an SPF level of 50.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses for goa

When you are in Goa, protecting your eyes is as important as your skin. Your checklist for the Goa trip must also include sunglasses. In the coastal regions, the reflection is relatively high and wearing sunglasses would definitely rest your eyes. And, while buying sunglasses for your Goa trip, it is good to buy the ones that come with polarized glasses. Sunglasses with polarized lenses restrain sun reflection and keep your eyes stress-free.

4. Mosquito Repellent


If you are travelling to Goa, an insect or mosquito repellent is another essential thing to carry. Post sunset too, you’re going to be out and that’s when you will need mosquito repellent the most.

5. Lip balm

Lip balm for goa travel

You have taken care of your skin and eyes, but how about your lips? The Goan climate may also damage your lips; credits salty winds and moisture. So don’t forget to carry a lip balm.

6. First aid kit

travel first aid kit

This is something which is highly recommended for all your trips — a first aid kit. It’s good to be prepared for uncertain emergencies. Do remember to carry medical aid while travelling to Goa.

7. Crocs footwear And floaters

Beach Travel Crocs Floaters Footwear

While packing for Goa, ensure that you carry the right set of footwear. You can consider a pair of crocs or floaters or both. Be it rambling on the beach or walking in the markets, crocs will keep you comfortable. Apart from crocs and floaters, also carry a pair of formal shoes as you may also want to visit the nightclubs of Goa.

8. Hats or Caps

Travel Dress For Beach Man

Something that you shouldn’t forget to pack when going for a Goa tour — Hats or Caps. These would not only protect you from sunlight but would also make you look stylish.

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9. Swimwear / Beachwear

Goa Swimwear Beachwear

Goa is a hub of watersports and during your Goa trip, you would surely want to stay comfortable. Isn’t it? So don’t forget to keep swimwear in your bag. As beachwear, cotton clothes are advised as these would help you beat the heat in Goa.

10. Sarongs

Goa Sarongs Tubedress

Girls would love this! Sarongs, are something that will make you look stylish at the beach. You can also consider buying a tube dress or a skirt to look gorgeous.

11. Cotton tees and shorts


Wondering what type of clothes to wear in Goa? Here’s something that would help. While travelling to Goa, remember to pack cotton tees and shorts as these would keep the heat away and dry quickly. Tank tops, Spaghettis, Straw hats, Scarf and a waterproof Tote bag are worth packing for girls.

12. Goa Guide

Goa Travel Guide

Consider buying a Goa guide to spot all the happening places in Goa, food joints, Goa’s cultural sightings etc. Carrying a hard copy of the map is also advisable, just in case your ‘Google Maps’ doesn’t work. You can also check all the important information related to Goa tourism here in our Goa travel guide.

13. Camera

Camera for Goa Travel

Talking of the Goa packing checklist and not carrying a camera? No, that’s not fair. Keep a camera in your bag to catch all the beautiful moments that you are going to enjoy in Goa. You can consider carrying lightweight DSLR mirrorless cameras like Sony A6100, Sony A6300, Sony A6400, Canon M50 Mark II, etc. as they won’t occupy much of your space in a backpack and also would be very easy to operate and handle anywhere. Another good camera, you can consider carrying for your Goa beach travel is a GoPro Hero 8, GoPro Hero 9, or GoPro Hero 10 as they are waterproof and come with various commendable features like Time Lapse, Hypersmooth, etc. To get super-smooth gimbal-like shots, you may consider DJI Mimo Pocket 2 and for 360 views, Insta 360 can be considered.

14. iPod or Bluetooth speaker

Goa travel checklist ipod speaker

iPod will add more excitement to your Goa trip. It is really good for sole travellers. And if you’re travelling in a group, consider Bluetooth speakers like JBL Flip 5 Portable Speaker, JBL GO 2, JBL Extreme 2, boAt Stone 650, Zoook Bass Warrior, etc. to spice up your voyage.

15. Power bank

Goa packing tips

The list of Goa essentials is incomplete without a power bank. You would need it to charge your cell phones every now and then. Make sure that you carry a good power bank of at least 10,000 mAh.

16. Waist bag

Goa for first timers bags fanny packs

Waist bags or Fanny packs are really good if you going for a Goa tour. A waist bag will bring more convenience to you by storing all your essentials like wallet, phone, power bank etc., without really occupying your hands, like the traditional backpacks.

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We hope, you have got a fair understanding of all the essential things you need to carry for your Goa trip in 2023. When in Goa, enjoy each and every moment of your trip. And you can also share your Goa travel experience on by submitting your travelogue here.

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