A Complete Dubai Travel Guide For Indian Travellers: Burj Khalifa, Passport, Visa, SIM and More!

Know All About Dubai Travel, What To See, What To Do and Where to Go. Also, Learn About the Things to Buy, and Passport and SIM Formalities!

Dubai Travel guide from india

The Venice of the Gulf, Dubai is a gold haven on the earth. It is the historical souk district located at the sides of the creek. The most enchanting city in UAE, this city is the best one for a leisure journey.  

All About Burj Khalifa – The Main Attraction!

A Complete Dubai Travel Guide For Indian Travellers: Burj Khalifa, Passport, Visa, SIM and More!

Burj Khalifa is the tallest world record-breaking building in the world. It has a height of 828 meters which is 2,717 feet. Being an iconic symbol of Dubai’s modesty, modernization and architectural innovation, this place is the most amazing tourist attraction in UAE. 

Here are some things to take care of as a tourist while visiting this place:

  1. Booking Tickets in Advance: Burj Khalifa needs tickets to visit and enjoy this height. To avoid sticking in long queues and ruining your great trip to Dubai book tickets in advance. Tickets are required for observation decks, at the top and the top sky, these category tickets can easily be purchased from the official website of Burj khalifa or using an agent.
  2. Be there at the Right Time: Being the most attractive tourist place, it is mostly the crowded one too. So to avoid rush and visit peacefully, pick off-peak hours that are early morning or late evening. Both these times offer you a better view with fewer people around.
  3. Know what you want to Experience: Here at Burj Khalifa, there are three options as discussed for advance booking. Two observation decks on floors 124 and 125 and one at the Top Sky which is on the 148th floor. All these floors have an exclusively mesmerising view. Where 124th and 125th are more affordable, 148th is more luxurious and offers access to a dedicated lounge at the price of the ticket. But the latter one is better for evening view only.
  4. Photography Tips: For better photos visit during sunset or nighttime as the lighting there is an alluring and irresistible ambience for pictures.

How to get there? 

This place is located Downtown and is easily accessible by every possible mode available to commute in Dubai. If you are a tourist from a different country make sure to keep your visa and travel documents handy. 

Top Tourist Attractions for Dubai Travel

1. The Dubai Mall:

This mall has more than 13 million square feet with more than 1,300 retail stores including all the luxury brands there. From Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex to Apple, and Gucci all under one luxurious roof of Dubai Mall. Other than these this mall offers entertainment activities such as:

    1. Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, being home to millions of marine animals.
    2. Next is the Dubai Ice Rink to enjoy ice skating on the Olympic-sized rink for both beginners and experienced ones. 
    3. Another attraction is the mini-city for children known as KidZania where they can roleplay as professionals.
    4.  Next is VR Park for virtual adventures.
    5. Also, this place has Reel cinemas, and premium and luxury cinema halls.
    6. Outside the mall, Dubai Fountain is there presenting water jets performing music and lights.
    7. There is a pristine pedestrian bridge connected to this mall offering a traditional Arabian shopping experience and waterfront dining known as Souk Al Bahar.

Other than these, the mall offers an amazing dining experience with extensive options to choose from. Here one can find international cuisine, and local Arabic specialities too. This place mostly has some events going on including fashion shows, art exhibitions, cultural festivals etc.  

2. The Dubai Fountain

Timing – 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm (Weekdays) and 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm (Weekends) 

As mentioned above, this place is the Dubai Fountain where every evening show of 30 minutes is performed at regular intervals. It offers a diverse selection of music genres, from classical, Arabic, and pop to world music appealing to tourists from various destinations. Water jets here shoot up to 500 feet in the air. One can also enjoy boating in the water to get a closer view.

3. Palm Jumeirah

One of the best points about Dubai Travel is a manmade island in the shape of a Palm tree. There are three connected islands, it is one of them. Construction for this was begun back in 2001. This place is a mix of residential villas, apartments, hotels and luxury beachfront. One of the landmarks is Atlantis, the Palm, a luxury hotel resort. This place offers adventure like swimming, sunbathing, water sports, stunning views and yacht cruises.   

4. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is about a two-mile stretch from the Persian Gulf shoreline extending the Palm Jumeirah to Jebel Airport. With a blend of luxury lifestyle and a stunning view of the Marina, waterfront and city skyline. Moreover, one can boat around here, indulge in fishing, visit beach clubs and enjoy iconic skyscrapers. Options to get the best views are Cayan Tower, Princess Tower, and Marina Torch. 

5. Desert Safari

The desert safari offers an exhilarating adventure through vast and majestic desert landscapes. The unique opportunity to experience Bedouin culture, and enjoy adrenaline-rushing activities and breathtaking desert. Moreover, desert safari offers activities like Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Sandboarding, Quad Biking, and live entertainment such as belly dancing, Tanoura dancing, and fire shows under the starry desert sky. 

6. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek offers a glimpse into Dubai’s maritime heritage. From long ago, this place has been serving as a trade, fishing and pearl diving route. Another famous point is the traditional wooden dhows, serving as a transport for goods and passengers along waterways. Additionally, there is another thing known as Abra Crossings, a traditional wooden taxi that ferries passengers across Dubai Creek between Bur Dubai and Deira. Another attraction here is Al Seef, the modern waterfront. Further, Creek Park, Dubai Creek Harbour and Dining Cruises are some more places to visit.  

7. Jumeirah Beach

Extending the Jumeirah district there is Jumeirah Beach popular for its pristine white sand, clear turquoise waters, and stunning Arabian Gulf view. It has stunning beauty with soft gold sand, warm waters, cycling, banana boating, parasailing, jet skiing, and stand-up paddleboarding. 

8. Dubai Frame

With the iconic architectural landmark, Dubai Frame is 150 meters high making it one of the largest frame-like structures. This place narrates the enchanting story of the history of Dubai.  

9. Dubai Miracle Garden

The last thing to watch as a tourist point in Dubai Travel is this place is a breathtaking oasis filled with more than 150 million flower species including rare and endangered ones. Another attraction here is the heart-shaped pathway and floral clock making it a unique and interesting view to witness.  

Adventures in Dubai Travel

A Complete Dubai Travel Guide For Indian Travellers: Burj Khalifa, Passport, Visa, SIM and More!

  1. Desert Safari: Enjoy sightseeing in the desert of Dubai while dun bashing on a 4×4 vehicle, ride on camels and be a part of Arabic entertainment.
  2. Skydiving: Let yourself immerse in the adrenaline rush by opting for skydiving. The two best locations for the same are Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Desert. With the free fall, get a panoramic view of these prominent destinations.
  3. Hot Air Ballooning: Soar high in the sky by going on to the hot air balloon and enjoying the breathtaking glamorous view of the Hajar Mountains with sunrise. Also, spot desert landscapes and towering sand dunes while you ride high.
  4. Jet Skiing: With a jet ski, pay a visit to the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. Enjoy the thrilling ride edge cutting the waves in speed.
  5. Flyboarding: This is a unique water sport where you are propelled into the air using a water jet. Experience the adventure.
  6. Bungee Jumping: Take a plunge against gravity. With bungee jumping get the ultimate adrenaline rush and leap high above the ground.
  7. Ziplining: Soar high in one of the world’s longest urban ziplines, the Dubai Marina skyline. Speeding up to 80 km/h, witness the breathtaking view while you slide down from a skyscraper.
  8. Mountain Biking: Go on the rugged terrain of the Hatta Mountains using bikes and transverse through the scenic trail, and rocky path and enjoy the enchanting valleys on the way.
  9. Rock Climbing: Get your spirit high by climbing on the natural rock formations of the Hajar Mountains or opt for the inside man-made climbing adventures.
  10. Water Park Adventures: Last on the list of adventures in Dubai travel guide is having a blast with the water parks. These places like most of the waterparks offer water slides, pools and river rides but with more thrill and adventure to go.

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Things to Buy on the Trip to Dubai 

A Complete Dubai Travel Guide For Indian Travellers: Burj Khalifa, Passport, Visa, SIM and More!

Dubai, the city of gold and wonders has incredible malls and places to shop top-notch stuff.

  1. Jewellery: This place is known for its dazzling Gold Jewellery. 
  2. Spices: The aromatic spices, herbs, and seasonings there are famous to buy. 
  3. Perfumes: Another attractive thing to buy on your Dubai trip is the royal arab perfumes. 
  4. Apparels: Fine and smooth fabrics like cotton, silk and royal pashmina are the other choices you can make to buy your Dubai travel. 
  5. Tech-stuff: For Tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers this place is nothing less than heaven. 
  6. Dates: The high quality, royal dates are the best when it comes to Middle Eastern Cuisine.
  7. Souvenirs: One can always buy souvenirs from places like these.  

Passport, Visa, SIM and others for Indian Tourist 

Passports and Visas are a must for Dubai Travel for Indian Travellers. One can apply for two kinds of Visas if going from India: 

  1. Tourist Visa – 3 months validity with 30-day extension clause. 
  2. Visit Visa – If any friend or family member you can get a longer stay also.

To get these visas apply either by any of the following:

  1. Any airlines that offer Visa services.
  2. Through a UAE-based Travel agency.
  3. Online through the official Visa Application channel in UAE  

SIM can be purchased at any telecom provider’s store or even at the airport in Dubai. All you need to do is fill out a form.

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