The Best Honeymoon Destination: Srinagar, the Northmost Heaven In India!  

Explore the most enchanting heaven on the top of India. Know the places to visit and must-do activities in this enchanting beauty!

Honeymoon in Srinagar

Srinagar is the crown of India, situated on the northern tip that is the head of India. With snow-capped mountains, fresh air, deep lush green valleys and captivating sky this is another adorable heaven on the earth. Situated amidst the Himalayas this honeymoon destination is the most romantic escape. Moreover, Srinagar’s beauty is at its peak making it the top in the getaway list. Know more you can do while being on honeymoon in Srinagar, the best places to visit and must-do activities.      

Places to visit in Srinagar 

honeymoon in srinagar

Here are 11 places to add to your itinerary for a dreamy honeymoon in Srinagar. 

1. Dal Lake

The jewel in the crown of Kashmir, Dal Lake is the epitome of romance. In the heart of the Himalayas, drifting through shimmering water and witnessing breathtaking views is what this place offers. A perfect serene escape out there with picturesque surroundings. Dal Lake offers the most enchanting sunrises and sunsets with perfect dreamy ambience.      

2. Nigeen Lake

The other tranquil space is ideal for a romantic destination and picturesque houseboat rides. A leisurely yet serene ride with breathtaking snow-capped views. The Nigeen Lake is truly a romantic and enchanting experience. Sleep in those enchanting dreamy boats and wake up in the leap of nature. 

3. Mughal Gardens

The exotic beauty unfolds the cultural history of Kashmir, this Mughal garden is also known as Nishat Bagh. It offers a meticulously laid-out flower bed with an enchanting Dal Lake view. Romantic strolls around this enchanting garden are a must-do for couples. Moreover, this place has a Chashme Shahi, a water spring with medicinal properties. 

4. Shankaracharya Temple

This divine place in Srinagar has extreme significance with a rich cultural heritage. This spiritual heaven is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has been in existence since 200 BC. Situated in the heart of snow-capped mountains this is an alluring destination to seek blessings. 

5. Hazratbal Shrine

Another devotional hue of Kashmir is the Hazratbal Shrine. It houses a relic belief packed up in a marble shrine set against the Himalayas. Visit this heavenly destination offers the most stunning view and brings you the holiest vibes. Serene, a picturesque and nature-bound place, is quite an attraction with a symbol of faith and cultural heritage. 

6. Pari Mahal

This is another fairy tale place to visit in India. Built back in the Mughal era it is a perfect blend of Islamic and Persian architecture. This magnificent place with a magical ambience and captured history is a perfect exploring destination. Moreover, the terraced garden and water channels enhance its aesthetics making it a lot more picturesque and impressive place for quality time.  

7. Tulip Garden

The tulip garden here is the most enchanting attraction bringing the perfect Zabarwan Range view. The flower bed is alluring and is a must-visit destination. Where at sunset, the sky is as colourful as the tulips down there. Stroll out there for a tranquil walk and witness the magnificent scenery.  

8. Jamia Masjid

The most ancient place to visit in Srinagar is Jamia Masjid. It has a serene and spacious courtyard with stunning carved wooden pillars. This is the calm backdrop for a perfect quality time with an alluring view and peaceful surroundings. Nearby this place there is a lively market to shop for souvenirs.

9. Wular Lake

The largest freshwater lake in Asia situated in Kashmir the northern tip of the country is an unparalleled beauty. It is a tranquil and romantic escape. Use a scenic boat ride around the enchanting lake. Wulnar Lake is a hot birdwatching spot quite a buzz for nature photograph enthusiasts. Get a memorable intimate experience there.   

10. Shikara Ride on honeymoon in Srinagar

The traditional wooden boats with vibrant canopies bring an enchanting view of the Himalayas while you can shop at floating markets. Shop local handicrafts, jewellery, and vibrant flowers while you enjoy this unforgettable experience. Especially at sunsets while the sky is dipped in golden hues, this becomes a must-visit destination. 

11. Betaab Valley

Another picturesque destination, this Betaab Valley is full of the soul-filled activities one would look for. Such as trekking, and horse riding with panoramic views soaked in tranquillity and serenity. Explore the region’s beauty and ride through the captivating vistas. 

Must do activities on Honeymoon in Srinagar

Honeymoon in Srinagar

Srinagar is home to the most adorable valley in India. With these captivating places to visit, there is a lot more to do in this nature’s leap. Here are the top 5 must-do activities for honeymoon in Srinagar.  

1. Stay in a Houseboat

Sleep in the leap of nature and wake up to the most enchanting view around staying amidst the Himalayas. Float around luxuriously and experience a unique and stunning view.  

2. The cable car ride to Gulmarg

The most breathtaking ride with breathtaking vistas is the best part of this cable ride. You can witness the most beautiful snow-peaked mountains and lust valleys from this cable car. 

3. Explore the old city

Wander through the aromatic old city streets and enjoy the historical sites along with shopping for traditional crafts.  

4. Trek while you honeymoon in Srinagar

Trek through the scenic nature trails and witness the panoramic vistas through the Zabarwan Range. The most serene and enchanting trek of your life within the Himalayas. 

5. Horse Riding in Pahalgam

Make the most of your trip with a romantic horse ride and witness the magical aura of those lush green valleys while wandering through scenic landscapes. 


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