Pondicherry Travel Essentials: 22 Things To Pack For Your Puducherry Trip

Here are the 22 essential items to pack for your Puducherry trip! This Pondichery packing list includes really important items to the optional travel essentials that you can carry to have a great time.

Puducherry packing list

Puducherry, known as the White Town, has mustard charm colonial structures and bougainvillaea walls. This union territory has a perfect blend of French architecture and Indian traditions, making itself a dreamy vacation. With authentic French bakeries and chic boutique cafes, this place is a perfect fairytale escape. From beaches, water sports and enchanting churches, Puducherry is a must-go place on every traveller’s list. Here, in this blog post, there is a list of Puducherry travel essentials to make your trip better.  

Things To Pack For Your Trip To Puducherry 


1. Cotton and Linens 

In the warm and tropical environment of Puducherry, the best clothing to carry is casual cotton wear and linens which one can wear for a whole day without getting irritated due to heat. You can also carry other breathable fabrics as per your comfort. Make sure it’s easy to carry throughout the day and trendy enough to let you go wherever you want. Girls, pack up the summer dresses, this place is perfect to ask for them.

2. Rain jacket 

If you are going from July to November make sure to carry a waterproof layer as the pour is predictable in those months. Keep a waterproof layer for your bags too. 

3. Trousers and Shorts 

If someone is your best friend on this trip then it’s the breathable stuff. Ditch your favourite pair of jeans and take the trousers or shorts or both on the trip. These are easy to wear at beaches and also help you stay cool in the heat. 

4. Hat – it’s a must!

Another item you need to carry is a hat. Due to high temperatures and harsh UV rays, you wouldn’t want to do any harm to your body. Try keeping a hat that covers you to your neck to add a layer over the SPFs. Also, they look great on beaches. 

5. Walking Shoes 

Puducherry trip can invite a lot of walking and exploring if you are a traveller. Also, there is an option to have a leisure trip all the time. But as the real fun settles in exploring, hence carry a good, comfy and waterproof pair of walking shoes to help you throughout the day hustle and enjoy your trip without foot bruises or shoe bites. 

6. Casual footwear

Beachwear calls for casual flip-flops or sliders to enjoy the sand rinsing your feet. Keep a plastic pouch to carry such to the beach and back from there. 

7. Swimsuits 

Pack your collection of swimsuits to carry on your trip to Puducherry. Enjoy swimming, sunbathing and other fun activities. 

Other Essentials  

8. Beach Towel 

Carrying a beach towel for a trip like this in an extremely tropical area is quite necessary. Keeping soft and quick dry ones is the best option. 

9. Sunglasses 

The heat there is quite too much sometimes and affects the eyes if you are not carrying sunglasses it can be a problem. Hence, make sure to keep up with good-quality glasses and durable pairs. 

10. SPF 

Protecting your skin from the harsh UV is a necessity too. Hence, also keep a 50+ SPF both for your face and body. 

11. Toiletries Travel-sized

Keeping Travel-sized toiletries. Shampoos, body washes, shower gels, etc, whatever you might need. Keep a separate bath kit of your own. 

12. Mosquito Repellent 

These areas have too many insects and keeping mosquito repellents is another necessity. Try keeping a spray or cream so that you can use it outside the rooms too. 

13. Backpack 

Always carry a durable, waterproof, easy-to-carry, lightweight, and spacious backpack to keep all these essentials while walking through the streets of Puducherry. 

14. Umbrella 

Umbrellas are used not only for rains from July to November but also during the extreme heat to protect you when hats fail to do so. Keep a good quality opaque umbrella to safeguard yourself. 

15. Water bottle 

Keep an easy-to-carry water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout your trip. Try keeping an insulated one to keep water cool in the tropical environment. 

16. Powerbank

A power bank on such a trip is a must-have item. As your phone battery is eventually going to die after a whole day trip and who would want to worry about their batteries on such a leisure trip? 

Optional Items To Carry As Puducherry Travel Essentials

17. Snorkel set

If you are interested in water activities make sure to carry a Snorkel set as buying one there is quite expensive. Being the only option one has to pay extra to get a pair of Snorkelling sets. Also, make sure it doesn’t outweigh your luggage. Do an effective cost analysis. 

18. Wipes 

Keep various kinds of dry and wet wipes. Specially, disinfectant wipes are a must-have item. You will need these wipes after a sweaty walk or to take off dirt after a visit to the beach.

19. Sanitizer

Another from the Puducherry travel essentials list is the Sanitizer to maintain hygiene in such places. Try keeping spray ones to clean up the surroundings as well.

20. Travel neck pillow

Another important item to pack on your trip to Pondicherry is a travel neck pillow. Especially, if you’re backpacking or enjoy sleeping well on the flight, this is the real thing you might need. 

21. Plug adapter

In many places there you will not find plugs supporting your adapters well. For different kinds of switches, keep a universal travel adapter. 

22. Scarfs 

It’s easy to escape the heat using a cotton scarf. Keep an easy-to-carry and comfy linen scarf. Another option is to keep a quick dry one which can be helpful as a beach towel too.