7 Essential Apps For Train Travellers in India To Have A Convenient Journey

Transform your Railway Expedition with a dive into 7 must-have apps for Train travellers in India, elevating convenience, Safety, and enjoyment throughout your Journey.

essential apps for train travellers in india

India, with its extensive railway network, has long held a special place for train journeys in the hearts of its people. Whether it is the nostalgia of childhood escapades or the thrill of exploring diverse landscapes, the allure of a train journey is undeniable. Yet, as we traverse the vast expanse of India’s railway tracks, the need for streamlined solutions becomes apparent. In the digital age, a suite of applications emerges as the perfect companion, not just simplifying logistics but also enhancing the entire train travel experience. Here is a perfect list of 7 must-have apps for train travellers.

Things these Apps for Train Travellers can do

There are many things these great apps can do. From seamless bookings to gourmet delights, real-time tracking and much more. Let’s just see the major reasons answering why to have these 7 must-have apps For Train Travellers in India to have a convenient journey. 

  • Railway Reservations Platforms

Ticket booking on these apps is quite a convenience. The seamless experience provides you with the facility of booking from anywhere and adding any preference passengers might want. These apps redefined the whole process, providing real-time availability, easy and simple seat selection, and secured payment options. 

  • Live Train Tracking

The best part is no more long hours waiting for trains as these apps can predict delays and track train moves too. Keeping you in the loop with the latest updates, potential delays, and current location. Of course, how lucky you are to set an alarm for your station to come and not worry at all about reaching on time. 

  • Meal Delivery System 

Get quality meals on the go with these great must-have apps for train travellers. Bringing a curated menu right to your phone and let you choose between the options you want. Might it be immediately or pre-schedule it at your convenience, there’s a plenty of choices. 

  • Emergency Assistance apps

Safety first! These apps are your digital guardian angels, providing emergency service information and contact details.  

7 Must-Have Apps for Train Travellers in India

  • NTES

In the world of the Indian Railway, the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) stands as an unrivalled mobile companion, fundamentally altering the landscape of rail travel. More than a tracking app, NTES is one of the most efficient ones for live tracking. This is an application maintained by CRIS (Centre for Railway Information System). From spotting your train to rescheduling them, you can do it all with this app.  

  • IRCTC Connect 

This app offers a one-stop solution for various services from train ticket booking to travel history. An official app from Indian Railways indicating reliability and authenticity. IRCTC Rail Connect facilitates tatkal bookings, checking and monitoring the waiting list and providing transparency about ticket availability.   

  • Trainman

Trainman is praised for providing essential details before the train journey. Including seat availability, waiting list status, PNR status, and live tracking of trains. UI of this app is user-friendly making it easy to find the information they need. Also, you can get important travel tips and tricks for their passengers. 

  • IRCTC e–Catering App

Lengthy train journeys the one of the must-have apps for train travellers serving hot and healthy food. All you need to do is enter your valid PNR number or train number and choose your favourite food. You can choose from any payment mode you would want to use in the IRCTC E-Catering App.  

  • Ixigo Train App

The most featured pack and one of the best apps is Ixigo Train. It is available in both Android and iOS versions. Booking train tickets, live train tracks, train coach position, and setting alarms. It also has an entertainment tab where passengers can watch videos, read the news, play games and listen to the radio. 

  • Confirmtkt

One of the must-have apps for train travellers, Confirmtkt is quite a popular app to check seat availability, PNR status, ticket availability and booking. It’s quite a helpful app whether one is a daily commuter, a business traveller,  

  • RailYatri

It’s a one-stop solution for the travellers. From booking tickets, and tracking live status to ordering food you can do it all here. Moreover, stuff like coach positioning and setting alarms for your destination is quite an easy task. With great UI, RailYatri app is one of the favourite must-have apps. 

Happy Journey!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Are there any specific apps tailored for travellers with accessibility needs, such as those requiring wheelchair assistance or special accommodations on trains?

For travellers with accessibility needs, including those requiring wheelchair assistance or special accommodations on trains, it’s essential to explore apps that prioritize inclusivity. While the above-mentioned apps may not specifically cater to these requirements, travellers can consider platforms like AccessNow or Wheelmap, which provide information about the accessibility of various locations, including train stations. Additionally, contacting railway authorities directly or checking their official websites can offer insights into available services and accommodations for travellers with disabilities.

Do these apps offer any features or resources for international travellers, such as language translation services or guidance on navigating India’s railway system for non-native speakers?

For international travellers, language translation services and guidance on navigating India’s railway system are crucial for a smooth journey. While the mentioned apps may not explicitly offer these features, travellers can utilize general translation apps like Google Translate or Microsoft Translator to overcome language barriers. To navigate India’s railway system, international travellers can refer to comprehensive travel guides available online or consult with travel agencies specializing in Indian tourism. Additionally, reaching out to local tourism offices or railway information centres upon arrival can provide valuable assistance and guidance.

Are there any considerations or limitations travellers should be aware of when using these apps in terms of network coverage or compatibility with different smartphone models and operating systems?

When using these apps, travellers should consider potential limitations related to network coverage and compatibility with different smartphone models and operating systems. To mitigate these challenges, travellers can download necessary apps and data for offline use whenever possible, ensuring access to essential features even in areas with limited connectivity. Additionally, it’s advisable to test the apps on their respective devices before the journey to ensure compatibility and functionality. Travelers can also opt for alternative communication methods, such as carrying printed schedules or maps as backups in case of technology-related issues.