5 Best Adventure Travel Bags Backpackers Can Buy in 2024

Here are the Amazing 5 Best Adventure Travel Bags Backpackers Can Buy in 2024 to make your Trips Easier and Happening, based on Size, capacity, Weight and Much More!  

5 Best Adventure Travel Bags

Planning to be a backpacker this year or thinking about ticking on your bucket travel list rotting down somewhere? This time we got you no travel places but the essentials, a travel bags list you can buy to make your adventure easy and convenient. 2024 is an era of adventure, for GenZ especially, and darling, you need the right backpack to weave your tales of wanderlust and wild escapes. Here’s a list of 5 Best Adventure Travel Bags Backpackers Can Buy in 2024.

Things to consider before buying Travel Bags 

  • Size and Capacity – consider a backpack that contains it all, the stuff you need, shoes, tents, food and beverages and everything you might need to fit in.   
  • Durability – buying a good backpack is easygoing and economically better. It may have a one-time good cost but if it’s durable to take up all the stuff and goes for years, it is the bag. 
  • Weight – a lightweight bag is the fit for you. All in the list of  5 Best Adventure Travel Bags Backpackers Can Buy in 2024 are significantly chosen considering this feature. Who would want to carry a heavy bag while trekking or hiking or anything else?
  • Comfort and Fit – A comfortable one is a need as you have got a long way to go. Moving uncomfortably ruins your trip altogether. Have an adventure with the adventures available on the trip not with your backpack.
  • Accessibility – easy access in your bag saves time and saves you from getting irritated. Think how tiresome is it to find something you need urgently and your bag is messing up with you. 
  • Security feature – who wants to lose stuff on a trip? Hence, every backpack needs a security feature.
  • Ventilation – save your stuff from withering out and find a non-smelly ventilated bag.
  • Budget – Buying a too-expensive backpack is not a hack. Buy one reliable and sufficient for your needs bag.  
  • Warranty – recommended: at least a 3-year warranty backpack is the one you will go with, else what’s the use just consider the reviews and make sure the brand image is good enough.
  • Brand Reputation and Reviews – take the brand name and reputation into consideration. Others might be cheaper, but brands serve quite well when it comes to warranty or assistance of any kind and stuff.

5 Best Travel Bags Backpackers Can Buy

Trawoc 60 Ltr Trekking Rucksack Travel Bag

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Price – 1,895 Rupees

This 60-litre travel bag has an incredible design and structure scientifically planned for a seamless hiking trip. Due to carefully organized air mesh padded straps and adequate structural pockets to hold weight equally, this backpack is easy to carry. With several pockets accommodating stuff in these bags is quite a feasible task. It is highly durable, breathable, and water-resistant. This 78 x 32 cm rucksack bag is smart, trendy and stylish – a perfect blend of leisure and comfort. This perfect companion for your trip comes with a 3-year warranty and four different shades. It has got all the best features like a padded hip belt with buckle, top lid pocket, size adjustable shoulder straps, padded laptop sleeves, water bottle compartment, and branded zippers. With great quality and lightweight material get ready to explore those peaks waiting for you.  

Size24 x 30 x 80 Centimeters
Weight900 gm
Warranty 3 year 
Amazon Reviews4.5/5


Impulse 80 Ltr Rucksack Travel Bag

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Price – 1,199 Rupees

Next on the list of the 5 best travel bags is this Impulse 80 Ltr Rucksack, having thrice the space of any other backpack. With a convenient inside of the main compartment and a powerful suspension system, it can move more items easily – bliss for heavy packers! Moreover, it includes a rain cover made up of polyester for better safeguarding. With a wider S-shaped shoulder pad and rich sponge padding, it minimizes pressure by providing high elasticity and improved shock resistance. Being a spacious and large-capacity bag it can store everything such as tents, mats, sleeping bags, trekking poles, clothes, shoes, umbrellas, cooking utensils, and accessories. More convenient and classy, it is suitable for every kind of tour. Also, it is water resistant, has a superb laptop compartment, and 1-year warranty.   

Size35.56 x 91.44 x 198.12 cm
Weight900 gm
Warranty 1 year 
Amazon Reviews4/5
BrandEnvision Entertainment


TriPole Walker pro-Rucksak Travel Bag

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Price – 2,899 Rupees

This bag is an exception to the normal baggage it has amazing specially cast dual aluminium rods coupled with a solid fibre frame that forms the backbone. Featuring thick padding and a suite of load-setting straps, the Walker Pro excels at managing heavy cargo over extended periods and varied terrains. Its innovative design includes a front opening, complemented by top and bottom access points, facilitating easy retrieval of stored items. The top opening, secured by a drawstring closure, offers versatility by accommodating additional contents when needed.

Size63 x 37 x 25 cm
Weight2.1 Kilograms
Warranty 3 year 
Amazon Reviews4.5/5
BrandTriPole Gears


Cosmus Everest 60 Ltr Rucksack Travel Bag

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Price – 1,909 Rupees

The Cosmus Everest Black 60 Ltrs Rucksack Travel Backpack is a versatile companion for adventurers. Its separate shoe compartment keeps footwear organized, while durable materials ensure longevity and weather resistance. With a spacious 60-litre capacity, it’s perfect for extended trips. Adjustable padded straps offer customized comfort, and at just 950 grams, it’s lightweight for easy travel. Additionally, suitcase-like main compartment access and multiple outer pockets enhance convenience for the one. Ideal for hiking, camping, or globetrotting, the Cosmus Everest backpack combines functionality and comfort for every journey.

Size25.62 x 35 x 63.75 cm
Weight950 gm
Warranty 3 year 
Amazon Reviews4.5/5


Wildcraft 45 Ltr Rucksack Travel Bag 

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Price – 1,470 Rupees

Wildcraft Rucksacks are designed for adventurers tackling diverse terrains, one of the best in the list of 5 Best Adventure Travel Bags Backpackers Can Buy in 2024. Ergonomically built, they offer comfort and reduce pack weight, crucial for long treks. With quite a good space and an improved back system, they ensure a snug fit for extended wear. These bags have multiple pockets for easy access to essentials and are crafted from water-resistant materials, ideal for India’s rugged landscapes. From dense jungles to icy Himalayan peaks, Wildcraft Rucksacks endure the toughest conditions. Versatile and durable, they suit any climate and terrain, making them essential for outdoor enthusiasts. Pack smart, explore more, and embrace the wild with Wildcraft Rucksacks as your trusted companion.

Size35.8 x 6.2 x 57.7 cm
Weight400 gm
Warranty 5 year 
Amazon Reviews4.3/5

So these were the 5 best adventure travel bags for backpackers in 2024. If you liked one of these and want to shop one for yourself, click on the BUY NOW button and proceed with the purchase! Happy travelling!

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