5 Best Work-Friendly, Coworking Space-Like Cafes in Hyderabad

Explore the best coworking cafes in Hyderabad and choose the best option for your work-from-home option!

best work-friendly cafes in hyderabad

Finding cafes in Hyderabad, that too coworking space-like cafes might be a tedious task. So, here is a list of ideal places to work away from the office. Get excellent work-friendly cafés that blend convenience and generate a comfortable environment for you, as a coworking space with the cosiness of a coffee shop. These cafés are perfect for freelancers, business owners, and remote workers since they provide great amenities, a calm setting, and a friendly vibe.

Let us dive into the list of top 5 work-friendly cafés in Hyderabad that resemble coworking spaces and offer the ideal balance of leisure and productivity in this guide. It has amazing features including everything you need, including fast Wi-Fi, cosy seats, and a quiet area to concentrate.

5 Best Work-Friendly Coworking Cafes in Hyderabad

1. Cravery Cafe

Location: Door 8-2 -293 -82- J 3- 416A, Road 78, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033

Price: Average Cost. ₹950 for two people (approx.)

Considerably one of the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad is Cravery Cafe. In case you are looking for a place to work that is both cosy and effective is Cravery Cafe. This laptop-friendly cafe is conveniently located in Hyderabad and is equipped with everything you need to work efficiently. It is a unique choice due to its roomy seats, making it a comfortable option while working. There is space for both people and groups, regardless of your preference for a comfortable sofa or a bolstering chair. The free Wi-Fi makes sure you stay connected, which facilitates effective job completion. 

Cravery Cafe is notable for its amenities, which include a range of comfortable seating options, such as sofas and chairs. This lets you choose the perfect workspace. Moreover, for the privacy of team meetings or client consultations, private meeting spaces may be rented. The delicious food and beverages in the café will increase your creativity and productivity. It has several thoughtfully placed power outlets so you can charge all of your devices.

If you’re looking for a café in Hyderabad that takes computers, bring your laptop and visit Cravery café. It’s time to work in a setting that satisfies your needs. 

2. NUE Cafe

Location: 566, Level 1, Road 92, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033

Price: Average Cost. ₹950 for two people (approx.)

A modern and productive workspace is what you need and NUE Cafe offers just that. Starting from the modern setup and equipment with world-class amenities, NUE Cafe ensures that it inspires every team as they work on their tasks and assignments. With its modern interior and cosy seats, working at NUE Cafe gives you the momentum to finish your tasks.

With its modern interior and cosy seats, working at NUE Cafe gives you the momentum to finish your tasks. NUE Cafe accommodates your professional needs with some amenities to offer. You may book private meeting rooms for an intimate and professional discussion for your presentations, workshops or networking meetings. The event spaces are great for large groups and the fully-equipped facilities will make your event successful. The cafe assists your quick bites in between your tight schedule or your informal discussions with tasty food and drinks. There are also plenty of charging points for your gadgets to keep them powered up the whole day.

With the blend of modernity and productivity, NUE cafe is a perfect co-working space for every individual and group. You can work, accommodate meetings or organize events at NUE Cafe.

3. Bottega Fine Food Cafe

Location: Plot 13/b, Road No. 86, Phase 2, Film Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500096

Price: Average Cost. ₹850 for two people (approx.)

In case you are searching for a great coworking space somewhere to hold a meeting or network with prospective clients. The Bottega Fine Food Cafe could be just the spot. Featuring chic and contemporary decor, along with great food and drink selection and superb amenities, this cafe could be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

Bottega Fine Food Cafe offers private meeting rooms that can seat up to 14 guests for a more secluded discussion. It’s ideal for those brainstorming sessions, team catch-ups or even interviews. With amenities on hand from the cafe to make your meeting run as smoothly as possible, you can enjoy breakfast provisions, home delivery, takeaway and indoor seating if you’re not holding your meeting elsewhere. You can also kick back and surf the net with free Wi-Fi, or indulge in some refreshments as you arrive. Bottega Fine Food Cafe facilitates both events and meetings, so whichever way you want your next function to be, this cafe has you covered.

4. The Roastery Coffee House

Location: 418, 8-2, 287/12, Road No. 14, BNR Colony, Venkat Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Price: Average Cost. ₹800 for two people (approx.)

For startups, The Roastery Coffee House is the ideal workspace. It provides a seamless combination of workspace and convenience for independent contractors, business owners, and remote workers with its serene atmosphere and conducive work environment. 

This coworking space like a cafe provides an ideal platform for networking, which is essential for the growth of emerging businesses. Equipped with various amenities to ensure businesses can function efficiently, The Roastery Coffee House offers private meeting rooms. These amenities make it easy to conduct professional meetings and manage documents on the go.

Among a lot of coworking spaces, this one in Hyderabad has a vibe and is particularly well-liked and has a great atmosphere. It has a designated parking area, along with a rooftop garden for gatherings and parties, amazing round-the-clock access to the co-working space, and ergonomic workstations and chairs are among the amenities. Additionally, you will have access to a fully supplied kitchen for free coffee and tea, printing and scanning capabilities, and a designated lounge space for relaxing. 

With its unique combination of a serene environment and essential business amenities, The Roastery Coffee House is a top choice for professionals, digital nomads, or business travellers looking for a coworking cafe in Hyderabad.

5. Sofrehh Persian Bistro

Location: 569, Jubilee Hills Road 92, Opposite KBR Park, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033

Price: Average Cost. ₹950 for two people (approx.)

For those in the workforce who want a comfortable area to unwind or complete work, Sofrehh Persian Bistro is the ideal location. With its cosy sitting options, Sofrehh Persian Bistro guarantees that you may work for extended periods without experiencing any pain. With hectic schedules, the bistro’s location makes it a convenient option, it is in the city centre which makes it conveniently accessible. Additionally, with plenty of parking, the bistro has several facilities like high-speed Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor seating options, and private dining places for small parties or meetings.

It has savour delicious Persian food and take a vacation from your job. You may take advantage of a calm environment that promotes focus and efficiency. The staff of Sofrehh Persian Bistro is friendly and accommodating, and they make sure you have all you need while there.

In addition to providing catering services to ensure the success of any event or conference you are organizing, Sofrehh Persian Bistro is a popular pick for professionals searching for a workplace in the