Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands

Know which country is number 1 in tourism and the top 10 countries with the places to visit and where India stands!

number 1 tourism country top 10 tourist countries in the world and where does India stands

Tourism is at its peak, especially after COVID-19. Tourism grows the economy as well as interestingly builds up the tranquillity in the places. With the boost in tourism not only economic growth can be attained, but also employment grows, social benefits build up, and the best part is the rich culture is preserved. In addition, tourism boosts foreign exchange earnings, develops infrastructure and boosts cultural exchanges as well. So, in this travel blog, you will know which country is number 1 in tourism, which are the top 10 tourist countries in the world, and where India currently stands in the tourism rankings.  

Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order

1. France

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

In 2022, France recorded 79.4 million tourist arrivals standing as the country’s number 1 in tourism. The most visited place is undoubtedly Paris and the maximum arrivals are from the USA. 

Reasons leading to the highest number of tourism in France: 

  1. France is strategically located providing easy access to visitors from near the Schengen borders. 
  2. It offers something different for everyone with a variety of landscapes including mountains, beaches and incredible streetlife. 
  3. Enchanting countryside escape provides a romanticised vision of rural life in France. 
  4. This country is full of art, culture and history attracting tourists with enchanting stories and visuals. 
  5. Food and beverages here are worth tasting. 

Top 10 attractions in France: 

  1. Paris: The city of love and light
  2. Lyon: UNESCO World Heritage for Historical Architecture
  3. Versailles: Stunning gardens 
  4. Provence: Picturesque countryside with lavender fields
  5. Nice: Famous for beaches and street life
  6. Loire Valley: Magnificent castles and enchanting landscapes
  7. Marseille: Oldest city in France
  8. Mont Saint Michel: Transport back into the mediaeval period
  9. Alsace: Town with Alsatian culture
  10. Bordeaux: The wine capital

2. Spain

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

2 out of the top 10 ranked countries in tourism is Spain. Barcelona is the most loved place here by the tourists. The tourist count here is almost 71.7 million. 

Reasons leading to tourism in Spain:

  1. The most enchanting museums are there in Spain.
  2. Its best-known attraction, the Camino de Santiago, is quite a popular long-distance trek which was a middle-aged pilgrimage for Christians.
  3. Incredible variety of architecture. 
  4. Spanish festivals are quite vibrant and appealing.

Top 10 attractions in Spain:

  1. Barcelona: A vibrant city with unique architecture.
  2. Madrid: The capital city with world-class museums. 
  3. Valencia: The modern city of art, science and beaches.
  4. Seville: Full of rich history and culture.
  5. Toledo: Spain’s mediaeval period is here.
  6. Ibiza: UNESCO-listed old town with a vibrant nightlife. 
  7. Granada: Another UNESCO World Heritage with charming streets. 
  8. San Sebastian: The old town famous for its food and beaches.
  9. Cordoba: Picturesque Jewish culture.
  10. Malaga: Birthplace of Picasso.

3. USA

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

Another most visited country all over the world is the United States of America. With 50.9 million tourists the USA has ranked 3rd on the list. 

Reasons leading to tourism in the USA:

  1. Border with Canada’s most exciting cities.
  2. Famous for road trips the iconic Route 66 to Highway One.
  3. Theme parks, landscapes and cuisine.
  4. Indigenous culture and amazing southern hospitality.
  5. Natural beauty.

Top 10 attractions in the USA:

  1. Grand Canyon: The enchanting place with natural wonders.
  2. Las Vegas: World-class nightlife, entertainment and luxuries.
  3. Washington: Full of iconic landmarks. 
  4. New Orleans: Vibrant culture of French quarters.
  5. Maui, Hawai: Pristine tropical environment.
  6. New York City: Iconic sights like Times Square, Central Park, statue of Liberty etc.
  7. San Francisco: Bridge, island, cuisine and vibrant culture. 
  8. Chicago: Architecture, museum, theatre and iconic skyline.
  9. San Diego: Enchanting beaches, laidback vibe and perfect weather.  
  10. Sedona: Famous for hiking, mountain biking and unique deserts.     

4. Turkey

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

Next in the order of most visited countries list is Turkey with 50.5 million tourists. Istanbul and Antalya are the most charming cities in this country and offer quite a boom in the country’s tourism. Even these have ranked in the top 10 most visited cities too. 

Reasons leading to the tourism in Turkey: 

  1. Full of exciting history about the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. 
  2. Remote caves, underground cities and Uchisar Rock Castle like must-visit places.
  3. Pristine beaches to explore quieter bays off the southern coast of Turkey.
  4. Jewellery, nightlife and heritage sites. 

Top 10 attractions in Turkey:

  1. Istanbul: Full of ancient mosques, bazaars and modern skyscrapers – a perfect blend of tradition and modernization with enchanting views. 
  2. Antalya: Beautiful beaches with old towns and cities.
  3. Troy: The most famous archaeological site for the Trojan War. 
  4. Mount Nemrut: UNESCO World Heritage built back in the 1st century BC.
  5. Cappadocia: Hot air balloon ride, underground cities and ancient rock-cut churches. 
  6. Ephesus: Major Greek and Roman city with ruins and archaeological sites.
  7. Pamukkale: Known for stunning white terraces and natural wonders.
  8. Bursa: The known Green city with grand mosques and other historical sites.
  9. Konya: The spiritual city of Turkey. 
  10. Sumela Monastery: Steep cliff from the 4th century.

5. Italy

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

With 49.8 million tourists, Italy ranks as the 5th country in the list of top 10 most visited countries. From architecture to opera, literature, fashion and culture Italy has been the must-go destination. 

Reasons leading to tourism in Italy:

  1. Italian beaches with stunning views.
  2. World’s first pizza and mouth-watering cuisine.
  3. Romantic canals through Venice.
  4. Renaissance art and enchanting museums.

Top 10 attractions in Italy:

  1. Rome: The capital city with a treasure trove of ancient wonders.
  2. Florence: Birthplace of Renaissance.
  3. Venice: Built on a network of canals is the most romantic city of Italy.
  4. Amalfi Coast: Dramatic cliffs, colourful villages and picturesque view.  
  5. Milan: Fashion capital of Italy and home to iconic landmarks.
  6. Naples: Vibrant street life from where pizza originated.
  7. Lake Como: Lush hills, elegant villas, exquisite boat cruise and breathtaking views of the Alps.
  8. Capri: A glamorous island in the Bay of Naples.
  9. Verona: Famous for Romeo and Juliet is a rich romantic city.  
  10. Cinque Terre: UNESCO World Heritage with five colourful fishing villages

6. Mexico

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

Another leading destination in the top 10 countries ranked is Mexico with 38.3 million visitors.  

Reasons leading to the tourism in Mexico:

  1. Enchanting marine life and breathtaking beaches.
  2. Breathtaking natural wonders like the Waterfalls of Chiapas.
  3. Contemporary art and wonderful art hubs.
  4. Mystical Mayan ruins like Tulum, Chichen-Itza and Coba in the Yucatan Peninsula, Teotihuacan and Tenochtitlan.  
  5. The rich culture of Mexico.  

Top 10 attractions in Mexico:

  1. Puebla: The colonial city with enchanting tiled buildings, UNESCO listed for pottery. 
  2. Mexico City: The bustling city of art, culture and history, impressive murals and ancient ruins.
  3. Copper Canyon: Breathtaking natural wonderland scenic train ride. 
  4. Tulum: Bohemian beaches with stunning ruins and pristine beaches.
  5. Chiapas: Lush rainforests, waterfalls and ancient ruins with villages to explore the traditional culture.
  6. Guanajuato: Another colonial city with picturesque views famous for vibrant art and underground tunnels.
  7. Baja California: Diverse landscape, pristine beaches and charming towns.
  8. San Miguel de Allende: UNESCO World Heritage site presenting lively festivals.
  9. Yucatán Peninsula: Swim in cenotes, explore the vibrant ruins and witness the stunning biosphere reserve.
  10. Oaxaca: A rich traditional place with colourful markets and Zapotec ruins.    

7. UK 

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

Another country in the list of the Top 10 Countries Ranked for highest tourism is the UK with 30.7 million tourists. The most visited place here is the British Museum.  

Reasons leading to tourism in the UK:

  1. Rich history and heritage.
  2. Fascinating sceneries and landscapes.
  3. The quaint British seaside is a unique charm
  4. Theatre, the royal family and delicious cuisine.  

Top 10 attractions in the UK

  1. London: The capital city with amazing landmarks and vibrant neighbourhoods. 
  2. Edinburgh: The capital of Scotland is famous for historical sites, castles, old towns and panoramic views.
  3. The Lake District: Stunning scenery of lakes, mountains, and beautiful villages.
  4. Bath: UNESCO World Heritage site famous for architecture and Roman-built baths.
  5. York: The medieval city with well-preserved city walls, narrow streets and gothic cathedrals.
  6. Giant’s Causeway: A geological wonder with a dramatic coastal landscape and breathtaking cliff-top views.
  7. The Cotswolds: A picturesque region with charming villages, castles and scenic walks.
  8. Liverpool: Rich marine life and maritime history.
  9. Windsor: Home to the largest inhabitant castle, Windsor Castle. 
  10. The Scottish Highlands: Beautified with rugged mountains, shimmering lochs, and vast moors.  

8. Germany 

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

With 28.5 million tourists, Germany is another country with great tourism which one can add to their bucket list.  

Cologne Cathedral is the most visited place in this country. It is also a pilgrimage destination. 

Reasons leading to tourism in Germany:

  1. Amazing public transport and connectivity.
  2. Scenic road trips and natural wonders.
  3. Monuments, museums and architecture are world-class.
  4. Walk through the fascinating history and explore the tales of Germany.

Top 10 attractions in Germany:

  1. Berlin: The capital of Germany with iconic landmarks, trendy neighbourhoods and vibrant arts.
  2. Munich: The capital city of Bavaria is another stunning city with beer gardens, historic architecture and lively festivals.
  3. Cologne: A city situated on the Rhine River, famous for Gothic cathedrals.
  4. The Romantic Road: Scenic route providing picturesque views of towns and villages.
  5. Hamburg: Germany’s second-largest city with a vibrant nightlife.
  6. The Rhine Valley: UNESCO World Heritage site famous for scenic beauty, vineyards and historical towns. 
  7. Heidelberg: Has a romantic castle and a charming old town.
  8. Nuremberg: Impressive medieval architecture and Nazi party significant places.
  9. Bremen: Another UNESCO-listed Hanseatic city.
  10. The Moselle Valley: Steep vineyards, beautiful villages and fairytale castles. 

9. Greece

Which Country is Number 1 in Tourism? Top 10 Countries Ranked in Order! Find Out Where India Stands.

Another leading destination with 27.8 million tourists Greece has shown a significant increase in tourism over the decade. The most visited place in Greece is the Acropolis, an ancient site in the Western world. 

Reasons leading to the tourism in Greece:

  1. The amazing coffee culture and mouth-watering food.
  2. Mediterranean climate 
  3. Remarkable history and hospitable people.
  4. Stunning beaches and budget-friendly destination.

Top 8 attractions in Greece:

  1. Athens: The capital of Greece with breathtaking landmarks, a national archaeological museum and panoramic views from Lycabettus Hill. 
  2. Santorini: The white picturesque island on many bucket lists.
  3. Delphi: UNESCO World Heritage site is home to the ancient sanctuary of Apollo and the famous Oracle of Delphi.
  4. Rhodes: The medieval town with ancient ruins and pristine beaches. 
  5. Nafplio: A charming coastal town with narrow streets, Palamidi Fortress, and beaches.
  6. Chanai: Another old town with an archaeological museum and beaches.
  7. Patmos: The holy island with the historic monastery of St. John and its association with the Book of Revelation. 
  8. Mycenae: Legendary Lion Gate, impressive fortified citadel and ruins of the royal palace.

10. Austria

The last one in the list of top 10 Countries Ranked for highest tourism with 26.2 million tourists. 

Reasons leading to tourism in Austria:

  1. Sky-high mountains, sparkling turquoise lakes and snowy Alps.
  2. A lively country with amazing cities and a vibrant culture.
  3. Art and music culture.
  4. Rich history and architecture.
  5. Famous for outdoor activities.

Top 10 attractions in Austria:

  1. Vienna: The capital of Austria with amazing architecture, musical heritage and an imperial palace.
  2. Hallstatt: The picturesque village located on the shore of Lake Hallstatt with alpine scenery.
  3. Innsbruck: Stunning mountain sceneries, historical buildings and a golden roof.
  4. Wachau Valley: Full of terraced vineyards, charming villages, picturesque towns and medieval castles.
  5. Zell Am See: Lakeside town for crystal clear waters, mountains and town centre.
  6. Linz: The third-largest city with modern architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and historic Old Town. 
  7. Bad Gatsein: The historic spa town known for hot springs. 
  8. Eisriesenwelt: The largest ice cave in the world.
  9. Salzburg: Famous for its Baroque architecture, charming Old Town, and scenic surroundings
  10. Graz: The second-largest city is known for its well-preserved Old Town, Renaissance architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

Find Out Where India Stands

Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

India stands on the 54th rank in the tourism ranked countries in 2022 which is growing significantly. India has a rich culture and history with incredible places to visit. Here is a list of the most visited travel destinations:

  1. Goa: Serene yet vibrant!
  2. Kerala: The paradise.
  3. Rajasthan: Vibrant history and culture.
  4. Leh-Ladakh: The adventurous desert
  5. Agra: Where love melts!
  6. Varanasi: Spiritual haven.
  7. Himachal Pradesh: The winter wonderland
  8. Mumbai: A city which never sleeps
  9. Delhi: Fusion of history, chemistry and modernization
  10. Rishikesh: Adventure hub and nature’s abode